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3D Pen

The Brief

  • 【SIMPLE AND PRACTICAL】 - This pen has a nice shape and isn't too bulky to hold for adults or kids. Lightweight and stepless speed design, a slim (easy to handle) design, draw on paper or in thin air, or trace and connect to create 3D masterpieces.
  • 【EASY TO USE】- The pen is very user-friendly and if you have trouble there is a detail instruction manual. It works great, very easy to adjust the temperature. It does have a learning curve compared others in heavy design.
  • 【SPEED ADJUSTABLE】- Eight gears to control different speed, more stable.
  • 【VAGARIES SHAPE】- Soften eMate in water at below 9'C, Soaked in hot water, the wasted material turns into craft material.
  • 【WHAT CAN YOU USE IT FOR】- Education; Prototyping & Invention; Tactile Learning; Arts & Design; Spatial Thinking; Great tools for teaching and learning, this 3D printing pen can help kids to improve their spatial thinking ability, to encourage kids' creative imaginations.

United Kindom
1. Compatible Mode for High or Low temperature The shell close to nozzle has the temperature only about 40℃, More safe Compatible mode for eMate and PLA, which are Non-toxic, tasteless and biodegradable.
2. Support Power Bank USB port design,applicable for power bank ,Safety and convenience.
3. Drawing at low temperature 80°C Adjustable temperature between 80-150℃,Greater Range,Compatible for eSUN exclusive low temperature filament: eMate, 80℃ printing temperature make it safe for children.
4. Trash to Treasure Soften eMate in water at below 90℃, Soaked in hot water, the wasted material turns into craft material. 
5. Eight gears to control the speed Eight gears to control different speed, more stable. 
6. Automatically wire feed and return Double-click 'Wire forward button' can automatically feed wire, avoiding pressing button for a long time.
7. Fast heat dissipation Multi- ventilation holes make heat dissipation faster and bottom of the pen lower temperature. 
8. Hanging Function Design Add hook, Keep the pen upright when resting. 
9. Simple appearance Multiple colors, Ergonomics design makes users more comfortable when using.
  1. Discharging mode: hot melt extrusion molding
  2. Molding: three-dimensional molding
  3. Print range: Unlimited Spinning speed:adjustable
  4. Temperature: 80 ℃ - 195℃ adjustable
  5. Working voltage: 5V 2A equipment
  6. The nozzle diameter: 0.7mm
  7. Filament diameter: 1.75mm