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JGAURORA Commercial 3d printer A8s

The Brief

  Unique design:with industrial grade unique guide chain and dual feeding system, more easier operation and it enhance the high accuracy of the printing.

  Smart functions easy to use, it can be modified and switched between langues and functions manually.

  Power failure protection: Resume print from where the last print is stopped due topower failure : Allows   the printedparts and a cleaner appearance.

■  Filament run-out detection: The printer will remind you to change new filament when the old is going to used up.

  4.3'' Touch screen control: Provides better 3D printing user experience.



Main Features:

  1. Fully-closed metal integral fixed frame to keep constant temperature during printing.
  2. Dual filament feeding motor system to ensure stable and evenly feeding, and long time printing.
  3. Ball screw rod and industrial linear guideway to create high accuracy positioning and extreme smooth printing effect.
  4. Precise CNC components, creative metal extruder cover to avoid scald.
  5. Self- developed high configuration main board with Malin firmware and effective heatsink.
  6. Unique thick cables to prevent fire and stable printing.
  7. Suitable for large size and complicated printing samples

Packing List: 

1 assembled A-8S

1 tool kit

1 Maintenance Manual

Tool Kits as below:

◆ Trial filament*3m
◆ 1*M8*10mm wrench
◆ 1*Cutting nippers
◆ 1*USB line
◆ 1*4mm/3mm/2.5mm/2mm/1.5mm hexagon wrench
◆ 1*filament holder+4*M6*10 screws
◆ Power supply cable


Packing size: 700 * 570 * 680mm (L * W * H)
Packing weight: 40KG

Wooden case: 

Packing size: 720 * 550 * 820mm (L * W * H)
Packing weight: 50KG