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JGAURORA ScotchBlue Painter's Tape Original Multi-Surface, 48mm x 55m (2090-48A) - 1 roll

The Brief

  • 1. Multi-surface painters masking tape
  • 2. Delivers professional results on a variety of surfaces
  • 3. Clean removal after 14 days, indoors and outdoors
  • 4. Medium adhesion, for use on properly bonded surfaces
  • 5. Features one roll of blue tape measuring 24 mm wide x 55 m long


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Blue Masking Tape
Item Parameter

Thickness 0.13
Width 48
Length 54.8
Weight 0.3
Color Blue
Range of application Hot bed
Resistance to high
temperature for long time
Resistance to high
temperature for short time
Unit Price 21
Characters Blue pleating paper.Best adhesiveness and stationarity,easy to tear and unfold.It's called thin masking tape,the thickness is 0.13mm.The traits:pliability,smoothness,anti-metastasis,anti-solvent,cracking
resistance,resistance to bounce back,high peel strength.


1. This product is based on the material of creped paper, laid on by rubber pressure sensitive adhesive. it has the advantages of easily peeled off, surface protection


2. Senior textured paper for base material, coated by special pressure sensitive adhesive 


3. Has a good scalability, easy tear effect, leaving adhesive residue. Widely used in normal temperature, high temperature spray paint is the resistance of diodes,

 Capacitors, semiconductors and circuit boards must tape.


4. Good holding power to help resist lifting or curling.


5. Rubber adhesive for instant adhesion that sticks easily and helps reduce labor.


6. Crepe paper backing that is conformable to maintain integrity when formed around a corner.


7. Dispense evenly and is less likely to tear off roll so works well on paper dispensers.


8. Tape may become very difficult to remove if subjected to prolonged outdoor exposure.


 9. Crepe paper with adhesive, high stickness, good tensile strength, differente Width, length, thickness and color available