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Thinking what you think, and the world is yours !



Thinking what you think, and the world is yours !

The earliest 3D printing technologies first became visible in the late 1980s, at which time they were called Rapid Prototyping (RP) technologies, until 1986, the first SLA 3D printer was emerged by Charles (Chuck) Hull, and after that, there comes lots of 3D systems. Then the world was coming into a magical time.


As the words from JGAURORA Thinking what you think, and the world is yours ! Since the 3D printers come up it has been used in many areas, and it has make a very great progress in these areas, to the global society.


Thinking what you think, and the world is yours !

Theres no one who could has the pure thoughts than the child. In the old years, when we were a little child, of course we will also has our pure thoughts, but after that, what can we do? As the thoughts is just a dream, we will never make it comes true. But now, the dream can not only been reality, it can also be created by the child himself. For example, a child who loves cartoon dinosaur very much, but never get his own. Then, i think the parents will do one things, not to buy a dinosaur tool for him, but to get a desktop 3d printer (the JGAURORA will offer the Three-dimensional map to the buyers and show them how to use the printers) for their child. You can guess the result, the child who will get the lovely gift by his own hand? May be there is no more a better education for him.

In the medical science, the 3D printer also plays a important role. Before the 3D printer it will cost the scientist large numbers of funding for the research in human organs, but now, with the 3D printing, they can research any part of organs they want at a low price, the 3D printer will printing the organs in high resolution.