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JGAURORA: Leader Of Desktop 3D Printer


    JGAURORA: Leader Of Desktop 3D Printer

                           After Eight Years Of Technology Accumulation

As the latest news: The JGAURORA is expending their production base, the production line will be the twice than the original size. This news has shake the 3d printer industry as JGAURORA had widen its factory size at the early year of 2015 and now it expend again during just one year time!

Theres no secrets of our progress, if you say that the development of JGAURORA is because we had seize the initiative, so it will needs a solid foundation for such a long time development. In the early years when the 3D printer came up, there were many 3D printer industry came up who want to share this big cake and disappeared in a short time. We had analysis the reason why ? And we found that most of the industry were because of the technique problems, the equipment cant satisfied the customers, so they choose quit. A company who want to stand firm for ever, it needs a solid foundation, and the foundation is the technique.Said by the founder of JGAURORA Mr LiuKang .

The JGAURORA insist on using the 1/3 of the total profit in Research and development, even during the worst years of the market, just to bring the best 3D printer equipment for the customers. From the first 3D printer 605 to the A series, JGAURORA gets a great rank among the high quality 3D printer industry. We avoid miscellaneous services, we just focus on to be more professionals desktop 3D printer. 2016 is the eighth years for JGAURORA, we will moving on to show the best terminal products to the customers in the future years, to open the huge potential market step by step .

From a small and unknown industry, to the leader of desktop 3D printer in China, the growth of JGAURORA has witness the thorns of the development of 3D printer in China, but JGAURORA has become the leader of desktop 3D printer after eight years of technology accumulation.

According to reports, there will be a new intelligent 3D printer coming up by JGAURORA, this printer can not only keep the high resolution printing, it also has the functions such as One-touch printing by APP, Automatic leveling, One-touch retreat materials and some other shortcuts, it is a intentions creation to the users under the explore new era of intelligent. Compare to the products that already in store, this new product will be highly anticipated 3d printer equipment no matter for the appearance or the functions.

In the future, 3D printing will become the necessary technology in cars, shoes, jewels, building and some other areas, especially the industry and personal market, it just open a very small market, but the future market of 3D printer is too large to imagine, what the industry needs to do is to cultivate the customers by the best 3D printer products, thereby the made in china can transformation to intelligent fast.