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Dental with a 3D printer for less than $ 60


After the open source prosthesis templates available free on the Web, it was only a matter of time before someone finds a way to use 3D printing to replace the expensive orthodontic care.

And that's exactly what Amos Dudley, a design student at the Institute of Technology of New Jersey.

On his blog, the young man of 23, says he was complexed by his teeth, to such an extent that he almost stopped public smile. But as a student, he had not the means to afford the expensive orthodontic treatment needed to straighten his teeth.

After extensive research, he discovered that he could use 3D printers to which he had access as part of its way to establish itself removable aligners or rectifiers similar to those manufactured by orthodontists.

In 16 weeks and around $ 60 for materials, Amos Dudley has been able to recover his smile by itself, saving thousands of dollars in dental care.

A 3D model was made with a laser scanner.

Everything seems fine, but the process, he explains in detail on his blog, however, required long hours of work and sophisticated equipment to which the common man does not necessarily have access.

Using several orthodontic reference manuals, Dudley was first created a very precise alginate molding his teeth, from which he made a 3D model using a laser scanner. This model was the basis for making a dozen mussels with a 3D printer at very high resolution, which were then used to shape the aligners themselves. He then brought these devices day and night, removing them only to eat, drink or brush teeth.