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3D printing《League of legends》- Does the traditional crafts be replaced ?

2016/07/26 The game League of legends has been the hot searched in many search engines, especially in China, the LOL has been the first hot games on Baidu for a long time as it is right now. The prototype market is always linked closely, and there are lots of game player spend large number of money for it. But the traditional crafts prototypes always cost lots of money, even you are a fanatic fans, some time you will still think it is too expensive to buy. Today the JGAURORA bring the 3D printing League of legends models to the players, lets go on and see the cool heroes.

Look at the mighty team, reduction the roles in the games height. All of these models are printed little by little by the 3D printers from JGAURORA.Watch out, whos this, ah, its our captain, not American captain, but Timo, the modeler had make the Timo colored as it is in the game, which make it looks much more vividly ! So what the influences does the 3D printer has done to the traditional craft ? Will the 3D printing tech break the shackles of tradition, and replace the traditional crafts ?

Let’s compare the production methods of prototype between the traditional crafts and 3D printer .

There are so many tool of the traditional crafts, such as Flat knife, cutting mat, vernier caliper, grinding machines, pen knife, file, clay sculpture knife, pills knives, scissors model, drills, sandpaper, handsaw, glue, cover band, hardening agent, water fill soil and fill soil toothpick, etc. ... A good technician need to know all the these tools expertly, and it needs lots of time for practice. The effect will be not show by one or two years, may be you will never think out that the prototype models are all made by the knife piece by piece.

The 3D printer are be used to the prototype field by these years, and how is the development ?

The 3D printing prototype needs a computer make the model, a 3D printer and the 3D printer filament. The working steps : the modeler design the models by computer and change it to the format which can be spotted by the printers. After printed some parts of the model need to polish and painting. The work time is about one or two weeks, the small models may be just a dozen hours.

Compare above information, we can easy get that the learning costs of 3D printer are more cheap than traditional crafts. It just needs one year time to learn how to design the models by 3D printer and you can become profession, but the traditional crafts, may be you will not to make a good model after 5 years even more. Whats more, the cost of 3D printer is much more cheaper than traditional crafts, the 3D printer make the self-creation into reality, which solve the problem of cost even make the joy of DIY to the players. Nowadays, the materials of desktop 3D printer can use PLA, which can print a good model. The user can also rewrite or create the 3D models by himself, to print the unique models. As these more and more company who are around the games use the 3D printer tech to reduction the roles and tools in the games.