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3D Printing Lovers Lamps - Give to all the lovers from the world


Some times, we are far away from family for work, we will always get a bad mood because of the things of work or the things of interpersonal relationships. This time, we will choose to go back to our soul bay where we can have a relax as we are so tired outside. A comfortable and warm home can bring us the cure power. Try to think such a moment that when you come back to home, open the lamp, the light through from the lampshade where show the picture that you and your lovers, this moments whether all of the hazes will be thrown to the winds or not ? Put the unique shade 3D printing lamps at home which brings you a special surprise.

This is a 3D printing lamp which was customized by a couples, the customer of JGAURORA print it use the environmentally friendly materials PLA which was made from corn starch, which makes the lamps not only harmful to health, but full of high tech. It has a smoothly surface, uniform color and with a flowing lines by the technology to create of FDM. No matter a lovely rabbit or a little dog, any style of lamps and photos you want, the 3D printer will print it for you. Look at these magnificent lamps, the writer think that you should change your lamps in your house.

The warm lighting can makes your romantic dinner get a more pretty atmosphere and pleasing your lovers, even when you treat your friends it is also a very nice choice. No matter the wedding dinner, wedding house or normal family, the 3D printing lamps is the best choice. Put such a lamp at home, which can make the atmosphere softened and full of emotional appeal, makes our life be more artistic sense.

You can get this personality lamp just offer one of the photos which you like best. If you know some basic knowledge about design models, you can print the DIY lamp yourself. It seems that people has open the door to the art as the desktop 3D printer is so universal.

You can see many 3D printing lamps in your daily life, they have a great breakthrough in the shape, the unique creation has subversion the imagine of the traditional lamp designer. The 3D printing lamp makes a perfect explain by the light and shadow, build a simple and unique atmosphere, no matter the lovely animals or the complex art, the 3D printer will make all of them come into truth.

Why does the 3D printing become the best ways to create the lovers lamp ? The technical staff of JGAURORA said :Because the 3D printing tech can make the design become very clean, pure, and there almost has no extra parts, theres nothing limit at the choice of  the  style.  The 3D printer can make the printing material superimposed layers, and make the model on the computer into reality. As this, some of the customers of JGAURORA choose to offer the 3D printing service to others, according to words, the business of 3D printing lamps customizing are very popular in the 3D market.