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Pokemon Go: do not miss any more Pokemon with this 3D printed shell


Pokemon Go is on everyone's lips, in all hands, or nearly, including French while the output is cruelly wait. If the principle is simple, capture a Pokémon requires some practice and skill. With this hull printed in 3D, you should have no trouble.

Jon Cleaver has designed a shell 6 and iPhone 6s with his 3D printer which offers a guide to your finger makes perfect motion when you start your Pokéball to capture the creature.

With this accessory, the movement is greatly simplified. Yes, it is clearly cheating, but who cares, when you cross a Pokémon among the rarest, do not miss it!

If the hull interests you, simply go to My Mini Factory and recover, free plans. You will need a 3D printer, of course, and an iPhone 6 or 6s. And you are much better equipped to complete your Pokemon!Save