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Creation : The main power of development



The Second China Intelligent Equipment Industry Expo : Fifth China Electronic Equipment Industry was opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on Expo July 28, and the exhibition was continued three days. The Expo will showcase the full range of today's most cool technology and innovative products for enterprise users. JGAURORA as the leader of domestic 3D printing equipment, will bring its stunning debut series 3D printing device to the Expo.

Known as the fourth industrial revolution of 3D printing technology, has changed the traditional manufacturing principles and practices, a significant reduction in product development time and cost. If the increasing material manufacturing methods are widely used it can reduce the consumption of resources and energy to produce green to win a sustainable future, promote emerging industry clusters and continue to grow and development pattern. In large-scale, centralized production constantly improved at the same time, 3D printing that rely on the Internets rapid rise of new technologies, making manufacturing more personalized, customized. It can be said, 3D printing technology is conducive to better configure resources and creative development, expanding the popular entrepreneurship and innovation space.


Today, 3D printing technology has been seen as the big upset on science and technology, and gradually into the line of sight in every corner of life, lighting, advertising, mold, medical, construction, food, etc. in the field of the general public and we will find its shadow. Meanwhile, the market demand for 3D printing is bound to increase.


As the pioneer of 3D printing of China, JGAURORA is born in innovation are Shenzhen brand equipment through the lower end of the cable channel C into the hands of end-users, innovation mission. The founder of JGAURORA Liu Kang, said: "Innovation and quality are right genes to JGAURORA, we want a good product, new technology and high quality to bring users around the world, to create value."


Creation : The main power of development

The 3D printing companies of China are sweeping the world by the superior cost type of FDM 3D printing market, in order to stand out in the vast ocean of the product the companies must be innovation. From 2009-2016, from simple equipment manufacturers to the global integrated service providers, JGAURORA rises to many new meaning in each years. In retrospect, JGAURORA 3D printing technology from uncommon led to the popularity of the market changes. From the first small DIY 3D printer to new smart devices, it has never lost the idea that the spirit of innovation, it is also carries the idea of this attachment, driven it continue to develop the products that user need , changing the commercial, industrial, family, education and emerging 3D printing market business model.