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Holiday of the future: Summer Camp with 3D printer


Much of this camp in the city Shenzhen is like any other summer camp. Children and young people, girls and boys meet and spend time together. But in some detail, because this camp apart from others. The children here have their own 3-D printer and print out all the things that belong to proper holiday: sweet cats Pokemon- or Star Wars figures. "We believe that if we show this technique to future Gera functions, they will be able to use them and if they are larger, which can be an important part of their daily lives," said David Jhon, one of 3- D printer manufacturers that support the camp. "For example, the technology can spread and help people."

From children for children

And so that the children do not langweien with all art, it is presented to them by a peer. Lucas is fourteen and utilizes 3-D Printer for four years. "I print and try mainly things for my classmates. But it also happens that someone pushes on the Internet at me and then ordered some 3-D-printed. I try do that for him or for her. Or the people send me a model and I printed it out, "says a camp participant:". It is impressive to see how this machine works and it is exciting to watch her. It was interesting to see how the boy told us all this and how he creates these objects. "Never before have ideas been well implemented as quickly as with a 3-D Printer. It will be interesting what will this generation be devised in the coming summer camps that.Save