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Highlights from JGAurora's Q4 2018


JGAurora is attracting interest from the global customers and 3D printing community. Featured products like A5S and A3S are always in the spotlight of industry. Let's check out some highlights in Q4.

1.JGAurora Stars in Visual Learning Seminar

A “Visual Learning” seminar was successfully hosted in Shibu primary school on October 18th. JGAurora's 3D printer opened a window for audiences, showing them how 3D printing powers Maker Education.

2.JGAurora Shines in SZIDF 2018

November 5th~7th, 2018 — In Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, where SZIDF 2018 (Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair) was held,
JGAurora showcased 3D printers and sample models, catching the eyes of audiences by engaging themselves into personalized design through 3D printing.

3. JGAurora in China Educational Equipment Industrial Exhibition 

November 17th~19th,
2018 The 75th China Educational Equipment Industrial Exhibition was held in Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center. JGAurora introduced a 3D Maker education program tailored to present education, helping schools better develop comprehensive yet diversified education and at the same time, leaving the choice back to students. 

4. JGAurora Companies with Polish Customers

The Belt and Road Initiative promoted the “Going Abroad” of domestic enterprises and has also driven the development of the Chinese 3D printing industry. In November, JGAurora announced a strategic partnership with the Poland well-known 3D printing reseller. Two companies then participated Poland exhibition together, bringing European audiences the world's hottest 3D printing equipment and advanced solutions.

5. JGAurora Sparkles in BMW X5 conference 

December 29, 2018
A 3D printed BMW X5 boutique model and the 3D printer brought by A5S. JGAurora presented a tendency of “Car + 3D printer” in new BMW X5 conference, revealing a new vista of experience and sensory delight to all who attend the show.

6.JGAurora Captures ZOL “Recommend Product of the Year 2018”

December 20th, 2018 — Among the listed 23,496 products, the JGAurora A9 industrial 3D printer won the award of ZOLRecommend Product of the Year 2018”.