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JGAURORA Educational 3D Printers Favored by the Market

2019/12/18 In recent years, 3D printers have been top-rated in the education industry market. From setting up 3D printing innovation laboratories, entering 3D printing classroom teaching to entering community makers, etc., this undoubtedly shows a new direction for innovative education. Aurora is deeply involved in the education industry. The quality and service of 3D printers are well-recognized by school teachers.

So, why are educational 3D printers so popular in the market?

There are several reasons:
First, rapid prototyping. 3D printing technology is a new type of rapid production technology. It is additive manufacturing. It took a month to make a product. With a 3D printer, you can save half the time. This applies to the maker experiment in colleges, and universities have a very great advantage.

Second, it is fun to teach and inspire students. Teachers can use 3D printers to print teaching aids such as human organs, which can deepen students' understanding. It can also be of great help to engineering design, making students free from boring engineering classes, and becoming more attractive.

Third, the fiery trend abroad has spread and domestic policy-based support. The education reforms related to "Maker Education" and "STEAM Education" are gradually being carried out from the country to provinces and cities. Primary and secondary schools across the country have great demand for "new curriculum reform," "second classroom" and "innovation laboratory". These requirements are also in line with the advantages of 3D printing technology's personality creation and rapid manufacturing, and are especially suitable for affordable and secure desktop-grade 3D printer equipment. Therefore, the education market is a huge market flashpoint for 3D printer equipment. "

Popular science education is also an activity that JGAURORA has always supported. 3D printing popular science activities not only let children and parents understand 3D printers, but also promote communication between children and parents.

The reason why JGAURORA’s educational 3D printers can be favored by the market is that JGAURORA always focuses on quality and service, which have won the recognition and trust of customers. The person in charge of the Ministry of Education of JGAURORA said: "It is the responsibility and obligation of the enterprise to adhere to the popularization of 3D printing education. We can contribute our own power to society and feel very happy." In the future, the company will continue to optimize educational 3D printers for users. Provide a better and more practical 3D printer experience.