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JGAURORA Educational 3D Printers Favored by Customers


In recent years, 3D printers have been more and more popular in the education industry market. The establishment of 3D printing innovation labs, 3D printing classroom teaching, maker education, has become a new direction for innovative education. The quality and service of JGAURORA Educational 3D printers are well recognized by school teachers.


So why JGAURORA educational 3D printers are favored by the market?

First, the printing speed is very fast. 3D printing technology is a new type of rapid production technology, which is an additive manufacturing. With a 3D printer, you can save half the time to make the product. For university maker experiments, it has great advantages.


Second, This makes teaching more interesting. Teachers can use 3D printers to print teaching props such as human organs to deepen students' understanding of written knowledge. It can also greatly help engineering design, freeing students from boring engineering lessons and becoming more interesting.