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Shenzhen Aurora Technology Co.,Ltd -----Warranty Policy


Note: When receiving JGAURORA products, you are suggested to check that you get everything according to the item list in the package.

Any problems happened, customer shall fill in our After sale Issue Sheet first and send together with original shipping invoice to our customer service to solve accordingly.


1.      Warranty. Shenzhen Aurora Technology Co.,Ltd. (“JGAURORA”)warrants to the original purchaser (the “Customer”) that the products purchased by Customer from JGAURORA (the “Products”) are free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of six (6) months from the date of shipment to Customer for assembled 3D printers, unless otherwise specified by JGAURORA.


2. JGAURORA’s Obligation. The sole obligation of JGAURORA, at its option and without charge but shipment cost depends, is to repair or  replace any Product or part, which JGAURORA manufactures and which JGAURORA agrees is defective. Repair parts or replacement Products may be new, remanufactured, orrefurbished, at the sole discretion of JGAURORA. All returned

parts or Products that are replaced become the property of JGAURORA.


3. Exclusions. JGAURORA’s limited warranty provided herein does not cover:

(i) normal wear and tear;

(ii) transport damage;

(iii) failure to follow operation or maintenance instructions;

(iv) Customer’s negligent modification,disassemble or attempted repairs of the Product;

(v)abuse, misuse or negligent acts;

(vi) accidental or intentional damage; or

(vii) cosmetic shortcomings which do not influence Product function;

(viii)The warranty does not apply to the hot-end, which is a consumable part;

(X) failure to operation according to our item 8 Important lists


4. Limitation of Damages.

In no event shall JGAURORA be liable to customer for any indirect, consequential,

incidental or special damages, or any damages whatsoever resulting from misuse, JGAURORA’s total liability to customer, from all causes of action and under all theories of liability, will be limited to the amount paid to JGAURORA by customer. These limitations shall apply notwithstanding any failure of essential purpose of any limited remedy. Theremedies under this limited warranty are customer’s sole and exclusive remedies.


5. Return

5.1 The serial number shall provided to JGAURORA for warranty service. An JGAURORA

representative will gather the Product information and verify warranty status. JGAURORA must receive notification of the need for warranty service before the end of the applicable limited warranty period.


5.2 Customer is responsible for all shipping charges for returns to JGAURORA, and

JGAURORA is responsible for all shipping charges to return the Product or its replacement to the customer.


5.3  JGAURORA will typically not decide whether to repair or replace any returned Productuntil the returned Product is received at JGAURORA and the warranty status is confirmed.



6. Discontinuance of Products. Not withstandingany language in this limited

warranty to the contrary, JGAURORA shall have the right to discontinue the availability of any Product or components or replacement parts therefore, or to make design changes or improvements in the Products at any time and such discontinuance or change shall not constitute a breach of warranty, or result in liability for JGAURORA under any legal theory whatsoever. JGAURORA shall have no obligation to retrofit, change or improve Products purchased by Customer prior to the discontinuance or change.



7. Shippingcost    

Issue source


Freight charge to


Caused by quality or manufacturing factors


Caused by intentional or negligent operation of user


8.  Important Lists   How to operate the printer on the right way: 

    1>Please refer to the USER MANUAL before printing, level hot bed first.

    2>When finished printing, the filament should keep sealing to avoid moisture.

    3>Preheat the extruder first before printing, let extruder auto-push filament for around 1 minute.

    4>Machine should be with maintenance, polish the thread rod and bearings with a cotton cloth dripped of lubricate to avoid fatigue wear.

    5>Do not let the fan and air-condition blow to the hot bed when printing.

    6>Keep the working condition at “Temp:10-30℃,Humidity:20-80%”.


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